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MARI® (Mandala Assessment & Research Instrument) is a multi-dimensional system of symbols and colors. The system was developed by Joan Kellogg and continues to evolve with the guidance of MARI Creative Resources. It incorporates The Great Round (visual and practical description of life stages), symbols and colors held in the form of a circle or mandala.

A significant component of MARI® is the form of the mandala. Mandala is actually a Sanskrit word which holds the meaning of wholeness or oneness in the form of a circle. Carl Jung drew and painted many mandalas. He described the making of mandala as showing the center of personality and an expression of self.

The MARI® process expresses and reflects information held in the unconscious in visible form.  It can be useful as a tool for personal growth, empowerment, healing and wholeness.

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“Participating in the MARI® (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) opened a path for my personal and spiritual growth with its uniquely creative experience. Working with Lorraine further enhanced my experience due to her caring and professional demeanor. The assessment process was easy and intuitive. Lorraine gave excellent instruction without restricting how I interacted with the MARI® components; the drawing portion was especially liberating and calming. I was especially surprised at the clarity the results brought to my inner struggles. Though these personal hurdles would be difficult to face, the final guidance helped me begin building a path to recovery. After Lorraine’s kind direction I have continued the creative aspect of this exercise; finding peace through its meditative properties.”        Freda L.

“I very much enjoyed the MARI® session.  I found it quite insightful.  It totally surprised me   HB (2) (though pleasantly) that through my choice of images, where I placed them, and the colors that I picked, ended up being spot on with the issues that I have been dealing with.  Additionally, the guidance cards I chose showed me where I needed to place my energy at this time, and were right on track.”               Halimah B.

“The mandala I created during my MARI® session with Lorraine is still informing my sense of how many ways I love and appreciate having “Freedom”. Each and every day I look at it and remember. ”  Linda A.mandala LA (2)